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Face to Face Technical Meeting in Tokyo

A Face to Face workshop will be held after the AGL All-Member Meeting on 14 July 2023.

Event Details

DATE: July 14, 2023
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Hilton Tokyo
6 Chome-6-2 Nishishinjuku Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0023 Japan

Video Conference

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Passcode: 049208

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In-Person Attendees

Please add your name to the list below of you plan to attend in person.

  1. Walt Miner - The Linux Foundation
  2. Jan-Simon Möller - The Linux Foundation
  3. Scott Murray - Konsulko Group
  4. Hiroyuki Ishii - Panasonic Automotive Systems
  5. Harunobu Kurokawa - Renesas

Virtual Attendees

  1. Yan Xinkuan - Fujitsu
  2. Marius Vlad - Collabora



  • Roadmap update and progress for Pike and Quilback
  • Virtualized and container environment for Flutter development and deployment
  • SDV EG topics
  • Redesigned UI for IVI and IC for CES demo 2024.
    • Updates from Suzuki on their plans and ideas for IVI.
    • New demo set approved?
    • Revised hardware (Renesas or RefHW)?
  • Developer workflow
    • Joel's workspace creates a bundle. Dev needs to write a recipe to deploy it to AGL Scott can documents.
      • Future step develop a packaging mechanism
    • Can readily be made to work on QEMU. Needs some additional work for boards.
    • Flutter debugger does not work on hardware.
    • Yocto dev tool broken for modifying flutter apps.
    • Create a confluence page to document what the current and ideal workflows are for Flutter app developers. Write Jira tickets to track the parts that need to be updated, either documentation gaps, development gaps or both.
    • Example to document for both Flutter and Web Apps- how does a developer modify and deploy one of our existing reference apps
    • Web Apps
      • Igalia needs to document the web app development process on the AGL docs page. A lot of this content is already in their previous presentations. Maybe give the exting presentations to Vinod to run through and add to doc site?
      • PWA seems like a no go for AGL.
      • Updated SDK to create RPMs for Web Apps and Flutter apps for deployment.
    • Pipewire and Cameras
      • AGL needs an update to latest PW for audio purposes. Ashok has that in progress for end March
      • We plan to enable cameras in PW when we do the update.
      • There was some talk about using two instances of PW in AGL to manage audio and camera separately. This would be a new use case for PW and untested since the desktop world uses a single instance. Foe now we will use a single instance and not take on the new work and risk and wait to see what might be need to optimized.
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