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AGL Documentation Site Improvements

This page is used to capture use cases and idea for documentation site improvments. The AGL documentation site can be found at

Use Cases

  1. New application developer who wants to develop a demo AGL application. Should be able to download the SDK, find a sample application, and download the sample application to supported AGL hardware.
  2. App developer wants to learn what APIs are available for a new app she is developing. She wants to browse the AGL service APIs from her web browser.
  3. Board manufacturer wants to learn how to add his BSP to AGL.
  4. BSP developer wants to update his BSP.
  5. Platform developer wants to learn how to create a new service binding for AGL.
    1. When a new service binding API is created the service should appear on the doc site.
    2. When a service binding API is updated it should automatically update on the doc site.
  6. Platform developer wants to learn how to debug her new AGL service binding.
  7. Device creator wants to learn how to take AGL and create a device based on AGL platform software.
  8. As new releases are made of the AGL UCB, older versions of the documentation are available for developers using those older releases.
  9. Re-use test cases from AGL CIAT in a local environment.
  10. As an AGL developer I want to write re-usable automated test cases for new code.

Architecture and Design

The site was reviewed by Scott's Documentation Services. Here is their review and proposal for updates.

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