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Face to Face Technical Meeting in Tokyo, Japan

A Face to Face workshop will be held after the Automotive Linux Summit on 07 and 08 December 2022.

Event Details

DATE: December 7-8, 2022
Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
VENUE: Pacifico Yokohama - Room 502

Video Conference

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In-Person Attendees

At this time we are limiting in-person participation to a maximum of 30 attendees. If you plan to attend in-person please send an email to Walt Miner (wminer at linuxfoundation dot org) to confirm there is a spot available and he will add you to the list below.

  1. Walt Miner - The Linux Foundation
  2. Jan-Simon Möller - The Linux Foundation
  3. Scott Murray - Konsulko Group
  4. Lorenzo Tilve - Igalia
  5. Philipp Ahmann - Robert Bosch GmbH
  6. Kate Stewart - The Linux Foundation

Virtual Attendees

  1. Bernard Craddock - Pumped Fuel
  2. Denys Dmytriyenko - Konsulko Group


  • Virtualized and container environment for Flutter development and deployment
  • Roadmap for IC and IVI EG for 2023
  • Feature planning for 2023
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