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2018 UI and Graphics EG topics

  • Upstream to Wayland/Weston
    • xdg protocol
    • Waltham
  • New development of Graphics
    • Transition Animation
    • Hardware plane management
      • Rear veiw camera
      • Video decode
    • User interactive response
      • vibration of screen when touch action
    • Window manager collaboration with ID-agent
      • security model
        • notification to application
    • alternative HMI solution: HTML5
      • Chromium not yet integrated
        • security issue
        • SoC compatibility
  • Audio: AGL Advanced Audio Agent enabling on EE later
    • Qt pulseaudio stability issue
    • Alsa bluz
    • Media player
    • Speech recognition
      • policy management between MIC input and Media player output
  • Collaboration with LG
    • Get more information of LG via Intel, Dominig.

Minutes for 19 March:

  • Window Manager - Meeting in Japan next Monday with Toyota to start to detail work plan for 2018 and prep for CES 2019.
  • Home Screen will be separate. Need to write requirements if we are going to contract to do the work.
  • No further word from LG on their participation.
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