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* Nobuhiko Tanibata
  * When layout change is triggered by Homescreen, efficient transition animation of surfaces shall be supported.
  • Takashi Matsuzawa
    • The document should describe which part of it is mandatory and which parts are optional/selectable (e.g. I understand that 2 windows up/down layout is just one example of OEM profile - though it is very good that we have one example OEM profile and demo homescreen/window manager is written for it.)
    • Regarding the API calls apps make, the document (or manual document) should clarify them into the following two categories, so that audience can know which part is AGL specific.
      • API calls/actions that ordinal wayand-ivi apps will do (not specific to AGL)
      • API calls/actions that are specific to AGL
    • Graphics toolkits (e.g. Qt or others) here are expected to hide such API details from application developers or not, including AGL additions?
  • Takashi Matuszawa
    • I think the spec should describe what are the concepts that are shown to the end-user and the actions (use-cases) that are provided. And vendors can freely implement their HMIs but providing what the spec specifies.
      • e.g.
      • HMI should provide following set of applications.
        • 1) “all applications”
        • 2) “currently running applications” (subset of 1, multiple can exist)
        • 3) “currently visible applications” (subset of 2, multiple can exist)
        • 4) “currently active application” (subset of 4, only 1 almost can exist)
      • And HMI should provide actions as follows
        • Show list of all applications, and optionally allow
          • Select (make active) one of them.
        • Show list of currently running applications, and optionally allow
          • Select (make active) one of them.
          • Quit one of them.
        • Show currently visible applications, and optionally allow
          • Select (make active) one of them.
          • Quit one of them.
    • HMI spec should describe if there are class of applications that needs special treatment and what they are
      • e.g.
        • Navigation
        • Audio
        • Rear-camera
    • HMI spec should describe common operations (if there are any, as AGL HMI standard feature)
      • e.g.
        • “back” operation
          • Press “back” button
          • Swipe screen to right
          • (what button/gesture is bound to “back”, and how this “back” is interpreted may be implementation specific?)
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