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  • Wayland/Weston 1.11.0: merged
    • Enabling virtual displayed to be shared surface as H.264 to Cluster.
    • This is not mandatory for ALS demo because ALS demo will use CC base.
    • AGL AMM: I will use M3 for demonstration. So M3 is the first target to enable virtual display for cluster sharing.
      • Multi surfaces sharing, multiple virtual screens, to be supported by Renesas.
  • Wayland/Weston maintainer for AGL in FY17
    • Topics
      • Research of protocol between client and compositor. E.g. Fedora
        • collaboration with gtk, Qt, EFL or else
        • collaboration with HOMESCREEN; ivi-controller is required to be compatible
      • Security/policy management
      • Waltham: inter display protocol to be enabled with ivi-shell and then to be supported by xdg-shell.
      • ivi-controller support with xdg-shell: to be discussed with ADIT.
    • Recommended company: Collabora, Codethink, Cogent, igalia, and Igel
    • Background:
      • Strong relationship with Wayland/Weston
      • Window management knowledge and experience
  • Audio Management maintainer for AGL in FY 17
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