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  • Weekly telco → biweekly telco
  • F2F meeting in Germany
    • UI and Graphic presentation from N.Tanibata, T.Isogai
      • Collaboration between current Graphic/Audio management and current application framework
      • Presentation will be proposed.
      • Timeslot: 10:30 am - both 4th and 5th of April
  • Wayland/Weston 1.11.0: To be merged soon.
    • All related engineers reviews.
    • Jan as well.
  • Wayland/Weston maintainer for AGL in FY17
    • Topics
      • Alignment of wayland/weston release from yocto
        • wayland/weston: 1.11.0, candidate
        • Short term: 1.11.0:
        • Next version to be discussed more.
        • 13 March - Discussed how to merge SPEC-411. Ronan has 24+ patches in his meta-agl sandbox and meta-agl-demo sandbox
        • Merging the patches in gerrit one at a time will break master. We decided to have Ronan submit the patches to gerrit individually and review them there with the understanding that Ronan's sandbox builds. If there are comments on the patches that result in changes, Ronan will incorporate them into his sandbox and rebuild. Once all comments are complete and the sandbox builds, we will merge all of the patches into master without waiting for verification steps in CI. Walt will confirm the plan with Jan-Simon. Also will discuss further in the dev call tomorrow.
  • Research of protocol between client and compositor. E.g. Fedora
    • collaboration with gtk, Qt, EFL or else
    • collaboration with HOMESCREEN
  • Security/policy management
  • Waltham: inter display protocol
  • Input handling: Steering switch: iDrive
  • Recommended company: Collabora, Codethink, Cogent, igalia, and Igel
  • Background:
  • Strong relationship with Wayland/Weston
  • Window management knowledge and experience
  • Audio Management maintainer for AGL in FY 17
    • Topics
      • PulseAudio upstream: Audio manager plugin
      • Most volumn control
    • Recommended company: TBD
    • Background: Strong relationship with PulseAudio.
    • 13 March - Fulup gave an update on his work with the audio API which is also documented in this email.
  • IPC Comparison will be proposed next week. 13th of Mar.
    • IDL: Franca, Trift, or else?
    • Implementation: SomeIP,,,
    • 13 March - No update
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