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  1. Wayland/Weston
    1. Waltham: Cockpit system
    2. xdg-protocol + wayland-ivi-extension(ivi-controller)
      1. gtk native
      2. ivi-application
      3. Security/Policy management with Wayland protocol to be enhaned in Automotive
        1. Secure window management. to be discussed in Next AGL AMM.
      4. Do we need an engineer who strongly have relationship with Wayland/Weston
        1. To be escalated to SC and AB?
  1. bus_comparison: Pending. to be discussed more with TOYOTA.
    1. and Microchip will propose alternative solution of AMB.
      1. Based on Singnling.
    2. After CES, we shall discuss alternative;
      1. Which IPC is the best for this. Websocket or else to be anaylized.
      2. Filter
    3. High level signal binder.
    4. Low level: CAN, LIN, etc.
      1. HVAC might be first demonstration with Low level binding
      2. OBD-II
  1. Collaborating virtualization EG (first telco will : Graphic/GPU sharing, Audio Management)
    1. Jail house ←, namespace to seperate.
    2. Virtual Open system: proprietary solution
      1. KVM
    3. Xen
      1. Any info: last friday is very high level.
    4. EG discussion will be allocated in Next friday of AGL AMM.
  • HMI designer from LF
    • ICON, background of HOMESCREEN: will be succeeded by Ohiwa-san from TOYOTA.
      • 10th of Feb: 9:00am timeslot in AGL AMM to discuss.
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