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  1. internode_display_protocol: to be enabled at CES demo
  2. bus_comparison: under preparation to SC
  • Weston, Qtcompsitor will use the same weston core- libweston. Compositor itself will be optional.
    • AR: Tanibata will update JIRA ticket.
    • AR: Jens will prepare information to HOMESCREEN after reviewing Okubi-san
  • Audio Manager

Is there any dependency on Pulse audio version? no response.

  • iDrive
    • iDrive driver needs to support input subsystem which can communicate with Weston.
      • With the above support, we can control UI with iDrive because UI already supports iDrive event which is mapped to key event.
      • Still needs to be enabled on CES.
  • PulseAudio
    • Yocto 2.1: pulseaudio 8.0, patches are applied from IOT. Yocto 2.2: pulseaudio 9.0 under discussion in SAT.
  • Ivi-shell verification on AGL master.
    • JIRA ID
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