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Meeting Minutes - UI & Graphics EG - 20160620

Attendees: Walt, Fulup, Jens, José, Stéphane


Manuel Bachmann published the first version of the audio plugin, which integrates basic routing with volume rampup/rampdown. Back from his vacation, Manuel should then publish some sample code to demonstrate access to the API in order to leverage ADIT work.

On-going work is accessible here:

KMix sent upstream a recipe to build the KDE mixer KMix.

WIP here:


Jens Bocklage/Mentor pushed a first version of Homescreen application:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master

José & Stephane/ created a Yocto recipe to integrate the Mentor's Homescreen on AGL images and confirmed that it works on Porter board.;a=tree;f=meta-app-framework/recipes-example/HomeScreen;h=276ee0dbb1a04eeba615f86a8e0b1fae03cdd541;hb=8521365c3012110d4039760bf7f8e736cbafc1eb

José will give to Jens some samples based on Application Framework DBUS interface to:

  • enumerate runnable applications (inc. icons paths and description)
  • start/stop an application
  • install/uninstall an application

José and Jens will propose a first functional Homescreen ASAP.

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