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20160510 telco meeting

Topics: Inter Display protocol proposal by Tanibata

  • To proposed SAT as well.
  • Security shall be considered with security framework

AudioManager Routing PoC

  • It needs multiple application who will use different ALSA or pulse audio Source.
  • At the moment, QML only uses one source.
  • We can use QML and Car Navigation voice for demonstration ← To be discussed with Hitachi by tanibata
  • Investigation if QML can use several sources. e.g. Radio Tuner and Multimedia player can use different sources ← Manuel will investigate.

Inter Process communication: Is there any definition of IPC in AGL?

  • To be discuss more in SAT.
  • D-bus is mostly used in Linux at the moment.
  • Performance point of view, it is not good solution.
  • K-dbus is one of option to be improved. However k-dbus have not yet merged kernel so it needs to be maintained by AGL. This is not good situation.
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