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Weather is an HTML5 application that subscribes to the AccuWeather to provide location based weather data using a simple RESTful web interface. This PoC is used to demonstrate the utilization of such services as AccuWeather and to provide a base weather application on the Tizen platform.

Features include

  • Current date and time
  • Current weather conditions
  • Current temperature
  • 5 day forecast
  • Hourly forecast
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • Location management
    • Lookup locations
    • Save locations
    • Reorder
    • Delete


Watch video soon.

Access the Design Requirement Document soon.

Access the Sources code on GitHub.

Download the Widget file soon.

What the app does

To launch the Weather application, the user touches the weather icon if it is on the top bar. This is an official Accuweather stylized sun, approved by Accuweather. The application can also be launched through the Application Screen by tapping the icon there. The default location that is always available is the current location, which should be provided by the geolocation feature (please see Part 4: Known Bugs, where the Tizen bug that affects the geolocation feature is further mentioned).

wiki wiki

Up to four other locations can be added and saved by tapping the Add Location button (+) in the lower right hand corner. Locations may be queried by city name, city name and zip/postal code, or just the zip/postal code. If the user isn’t specific enough, up to three locations will be displayed to choose from. Once one or more locations have been entered, the user can delete a location by tapping the Delete Location button (-) in the lower left hand corner. The default current location cannot be deleted. The Weather application features HTML5 storage to remember a user’s location choices. If the user exits the application and re-launches, the locations previously chosen will be displayed again. To view the current conditions for a location, a user can tap the location name and the humidity, wind speed and direction, and AccuWeather’s patented RealFeel are displayed.

To view the hourly forecast for a location, a user can swipe the location towards the right. The details for the hour, a weather icon graphic, a brief weather description, and the predicted hourly temperature are displayed. To view the 5-day forecast, swipe towards the left. Displayed there is the day of the week including the current day (Today), the date, a brief weather summary for the day, and the predicted high and low temperature for that day.

wiki wiki

Severe weather alerts are determined by whether or not forecasted weather meets or exceeds a specific threshold. The application checks the API every 5 minutes, and if an alert has been issued by the AccuWeather API, the application can interrupt other applications with a pop-up. The details displayed are a localized description such as “Severe Thunderstorms”, the category, the area, the source of the report, and a detailed text description.


Known Bugs

Issue Type Key Summary
Bug 67 GPS location doesn’t currently work due to a bug in Tizen IVI (TIVI-2402). Currently the geolocation in Weather is hardcoded to a set of coordinates. This will be fixed in a future release. There must also be a means to test this feature in a vehicle, such as a software driver that bridges the Tizen device to the vehicle
Bug 19 Severe weather alerts do not remember previously viewed alerts – alerts that have been previously dismissed will appear again at regular intervals
Bug 68 At times the weather will get stuck on hourly forecast. This likely a result of somehow iScroll getting set to Zero width so it is not able to scroll back to the city or daily forecast

Release History


Weather allows a user to store up to 4 selected locations discovered through Accuweather’s API as well as providing the default or current location. Each location’s information is updated at regular intervals and provides a 5-day forecast, hourly forecast, and current conditions. Severe weather alerts are displayed if current conditions for the default location meet or exceed a certain threshold.

Bug Fixes

Initial release

Key Summary
TC-185 webkit-efl pkg update fails to build for emulator
TC-249 libdrm submit/tizen/20140324.044735 submission causes emulator-yagl and webkit-efl to fail for emulator
TC-2144 Tizen Web Apps segfault on $.ajax queries to https requests
TC-2122 Unable to get Gps info by Gps NMEA source plugin
PTREL-656 gps-manager doesn't build against Tizen generic
TC-516 Need NMEA source plugin for AMB
TIVI-1931 Contacts-service (contacts-service- has broken several package builds
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