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Near Field Communication (NFC)

Under Construction


Near Field Communication (NFC) application allows user to set the power of a default device NFC adapter to either an on state or an off state, automatically read the NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) text data from NFC tag once it is attached to NFC adapter, write the NDEF text data to the attached NFC Tag through the tizen.nfc interface.


  • Can read existing NFC tag
  • Can write to NFC tag
  • Can edit existing data on NFC tag

Data binding is achieved via Knockoutjs library and jQuery is used for manipulation with HTML elements.

Shared services

  • Bootstrap
  • Car indicators
  • Configuration
  • Text-to-speech
  • Theme engine

Shared components

  • Global methods
  • jQuery extensions
    • Alphabet Bookmarking
    • Audio Player
    • Bottom Panel
    • Box Caption
    • Button Controls
    • Clock
    • Incoming Call handler
    • Library
    • Progress Bar
    • Tabs
    • Top Bar Icons
  • Settings


What the app does

It facilitates the interface with, reading of, and writing to tags using Near Field Communication.

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Known Bugs

Issue Type Key Summary
Bug TC-1243 Buxton must be used in package platform/core/connectivity/nfc-manager-neard
Bug TC-1178 Remove Flora license from package platform/core/connectivity/nfc-manager-neard
Bug TC-263 Neard bluetooth pairing does not work by default
Bug TC-48 [3.0] Kernel backtrace when tethering connection created
Bug TC-214 capi-system-sensor (and other capi packages) doesn't report its version number
Bug TC-199 Support emulator image builds for Tizen IVI
Bug TC-1248 Native keyboard doesn’t exit after entering text

Release History


  • Can read existing NFC tag
  • Can write to NFC tag
  • Can edit existing data on NFC tag

Bug Fixes

Issue Type Key Summary
Bug TC-325 [2.0] NFC doesn't work
Bug TC-2580 tizen.nfc WEB API is not available
Bug TC-612 No NFC UI Interface in Settings
Bug TC-3002 [SDK][Simulator][NFC panel] Fail to send/receive message with NFC panel (nfc tag and nfc peer)
Bug TC-310 BT handover via NFC failes
Bug TC-575 Integrate NFC to IVI 2.0 image
Bug TC-2904 [SDK][Simulator][NFC] Demo application unable to connect nfc panel
Bug TC-1825 [3.0] NFC adapters are not enabled by default
Bug TC-251 It fails to finish bluetooth pairing through NFC
Bug TC-1067 [3.0] remove the nfc-* packages from default build
Bug TC-1182 [3.0] fail to push device through NFC
Bug TC-1607 [Behavior]Blank white page presents when run nfc, location tests
Bug TC-1618 [IVI] [TizenAPI/Communication/NFC] Test on Method and attribute of NFCAdapter got fails
Bug TC-1484 [IVI][TizenAPI/Communication/NFC] web test for method of NFCTag fails
Bug TC-295 nfc-manager-neard update causes several packages to become unresolvable and images to fail
Bug TC-616 fail to push device through NFC
Bug TC-1803 [IVI] [TizenAPI/Communication/NFC]Test of “Check if NFCManager object has method setExclusiveMode()” fails
Bug TC-2521 [REG] It fails to connect to encrypted WiFi AP though NFC
Bug TC-335 Package platform/core/connectivity/nfc-manager-neard is not compliant with multi-user architecture
Bug TC-1665 [3.0] The neard service is not enabled
Bug TC-2202 [TIVISBB] neard even cannot be launched manually
Bug TC-2930 [SDK][Simulator][Toggle widget]Application move to left-up unexpected when drag toggle widget (from on/off to off/on )in the application
Bug TC-1312 [3.0]Incorrect package name when install ivi-qa pattern: should be neard-test instead of neard-tizen-test
Bug TC-1078 [3.0]Incorrect package name when install ivi-qa pattern: should be neard-tizen-test instead of neard-test
Bug TC-1928 libnl needs to be upgraded to provide ability to automatically load kernel modules
Bug TC-2451 Core dumps not working
Bug TC-2123 [3.0] neard DBus interface 'org.neard.Device' missed
Bug TC-1922 Iwlwifi module crashing
Bug TC-1854 Neard bt-handover script errors: no such device
Bug TC-1780 [3.0] mrpd.service and gptp.service are not enabled
Bug TC-1251 IVI image does not boot in runlevel 5
Bug TC-173 onattach callback of NFCAdapter's setTagListener method is not triggered when attached NFC Tag has no records
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