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A navigation application based on the Google Maps API. Features include trip planning, turn-by-turn directions as text and arrows, and live route updates on a map. The map can be zoomed and switched to satellite view, and can call up points of interest at user-selected locations.  (Note: current implementation simulates the API behavior.)

Navigation application allows user to use Google Maps to navigate around in predefined set of waypoints in Places library with Text-To-Speech feature. Navigation doesn't use GPS but updates position of marker along the route in periodic intervals. Default navigation waypoints are defined by:

  • start point: originAddress property
  • end point: destinationAddress property

To add additional places or update existing ones please change property [file:docs/apps/classes/NavigationGoogle.html places].


What the app does

The Google Maps Navigator is an HTML5 application that allows the user to plan a trip and get directions. HMTL is constructed on the fly and styled with CSS to present the application to the user in the Tizen environment.


By touching the PLACES button, a list of pre-saved destinations appears. The user can select the desired destination.

The map then shows a destination marker and the suggested route. The green marker is the origin of the trip. As the vehicle travels, a red marker advances along the route.

Above the map, the Up Next area shows turn-by-turn graphical and text directions.

On the right, as the vehicle travels, the display updates…

  • Remaining time,
  • Remaining distance,
  • Arrival time,
  • Miles per hour.

Points of Interest are shown by pressing and holding on any point on the map. A pop-up appears with information about the location, and may include a photo and links.

There are options for viewing the map which can be changed at any time.

To zoom, the user double taps the map or touches the plus and minus buttons.

wiki wiki

To toggle from street view to satellite view, the user touches the map button.

Exit the application at any time by touching the return arrow.

Known Bugs

  • In Tizen 3 (Jan 15 release), during pointer animation it may artifact the graphic for the pointer, leaving a solid trail along the course.
  • In some occasional cases, Google Maps may take over the entire HTML environment, causing the top bar icons and the bottom panel to no longer be available and the Google Map environment to be the only thing available. To resolve this issue, the app must be killed and restarted.
  • Pop up location flickers in the default ‘zoom’ state (zoom setting 13 or so in the code) until such time as you zoom in or out to get the repaint to settle.
  • The Satellite and Street icons in the lower right of the Google map are switched in the way they reflect the map state. If you are looking at the satellite view, it should be the Street layer icon and if you are in the street layer view, it should show the satellite icon.

Release History


  • Trip planning
  • Turn-by-turn directions as text and arrows
  • Live route updates on a map
  • Zoomed in and out
  • Switched to satellite view
  • Call up points of interest

Bug Fixes

This is an initial demo hard coded.

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