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This application displays status information about the vehicle and is primarily passive in regards to action required from the driver.


Watch the video.

Access the Design Requirements Document (DRD).

Access the Sources code on GitHub.

Download coming soon.Download the RPM Package Manager (RPM) file.

What the app does

 Uses mainly CarIndicator module from CarIndicator. Dashboard application uses following AMB properties to show car data in display only mode:

  • SteeringWheelAngle
    • SteeringWheelAngle
  • WheelBrake
    • Engaged
  • TirePressure
    • leftFront
    • rightFront
    • leftRear
    • rightRear
  • DoorStatus
    • ChildLockStatus
  • LightStatus
    • Hazard
    • Head
    • Parking
  • BatteryStatus
  • FullBatteryRange
  • ExteriorTemperature
    • Exterior
  • InteriorTemperature
    • Interior
  • WheelInformation
    • FrontWheelRadius
  • AvgKW
    • AvgKW
  • VehicleSpeed
  • Odometer
  • Transmission
    • ShiftPosition
  • ExteriorBrightness
  • NightMode

To Lanuch the Dashboard app touch the button that looks like

You will then see this screen:

This App is mostly passive and show information to the driver. At the bottom are two buttons to turn on and off rear displays. Otherwise this is mainly a status screen. When your done with this app touch the large back arrow in the bottom left corner to return to the Home Screen.

Features on the screen include:

  1. Remaining Battery Level and Mileage Estimate
  2. Location and Weather Conditions
  3. Pressure Level for Front Left Tire
  4. Pressure Level for Front Left Tire
  5. Child Lock Activation Status
  6. Pressure Level for Front Left Tire
  7. Pressure Level for Front Left Tire
  8. Average Energy Consumption
  9. Toggle on/off Rear Display for both Left and Right Sides.
  10. Engine Status and MPH (when in motion)

NOTE: Feature 9 is touch activated

Technical Details

The sections below are taken from directions for what is known as the January Release of Tizen 3.0 IVI. The current Tizen release is dated 2015.01.14, and may require some adjustment.

Known Bugs

  • Dashboard signals simulator plugin (randommizer)
  • Dashboard - Average consumption level is not changed when randomizer is active
  • When trying to switch between applications they hide and cannot be brought back into foreground

Release History


  • Remaining Battery Level and Mileage Estimate
  • Location and Weather Conditions
  • Pressure Level for Front Left Tire
  • Pressure Level for Front Left Tire
  • Child Lock Activation Status
  • Pressure Level for Front Left Tire
  • Pressure Level for Front Left Tire
  • Average Energy Consumption
  • Features that are (currently) touch applicable:
    • Toggle on/off Rear Display for both Left and Right Sides.

Bug Fixes

  • INTIVIPOCII-22 Add day/night indicator to dashboard
  • INTIVIPOCII-20 Create build script to deploy and package applications from original Intel PoC (HomeScreen, Music player, Phone application, Store application, Settings, Dashboard, Google Navigation and Intel Navigation)
  • INTIVIPOCII-64 Create common AMB plugin for Dashboard and HomeScreen
  • INTIVIPOCII-335 Child lock status not changed when randomizer is active
  • INTIVIPOCII-345 Battery level indicator (bottom left) does not change values when randomizer is switched on
  • INTIVIPOCII-364 Randomizer and Ventilation circles can be clicked and highlighted but second click to unset them does nothing
    • They are not used anymore so clicking them should probably be disabled.
  • INTIVIPOCII-165 Day/Night icon not set properly
  1. Open Dashboard
  2. Set theme via webSocket_AMB_test to Day and check that icon is displaying Sun
  3. Close application and return to HomeScreen
  4. Change theme to Night
  5. Open Dashboard

Expected: Icon displaying Moon Actual: Icon displaying Sun

  • INTIVIPOCII-224 Gear does not change when randomizer is switched on
  • INTIVIPOCII-223 Randomizer does not change wheels position
  • INTIVIPOCII-225 Weather icon doesn't change when randomizer is on
  • INTIVIPOCII-20 Verify Dashboard and HomeScreen AMB properties with steering wheel
  • INTIVIPOCII-325 Randomizer does not trigger changes of Child Lock, Front and Rear Light and Velocity
  • INTIVIPOCII-64 Change IviPoC_ properties to existing AMB properties
    • Example: IviPoC_Speed =⇒ Vehicle Speed
  • INTIVIPOCII-20 Switch day (blue) and night (green) theme based on AMB signal from Automotive Web API
  • INTIVIPOCII-22 Rework car indicators to listen to AMB signals (Java script/HTML5)
  • INTIVIPOCII-35 Add stop script functionality to AMB Simulator
  • INTIVIPOCII-371 With steering wheel plugin loaded exterior brightness is not changed
  • INTIVIPOCII-30 Refactor template file to use amb pluginimpl base class, create signal classes
  • INTIVIPOCII-35 Add amb console output
  • INTIVIPOCII-35 Add documentation comments to AMB simulator
  • INTIVIPOCII-35 Rework UI for signal generator in AMBSimulator
    • Change zones input grid and allow adding all zones for all signals and change text inputs visuals into theme inputs
  • INTIVIPOCII-35 Create randomize demo script for AMBSimulator
  • Randomizer does not work
  • INTIVIPOCII-169 Create AMB cans implugin
  • Generate mapping table for all AMB properties
    • Receives CAN frames from CANGen Plugin and translates them into AMB properties and update them in AMB
  • Fit AMB simulator UI to overall theme
  • Create AMB cangenplugin
    • AMB sink plugin similar to websocketsink. Based on websocket requests will generate CAN frames for CANSimPlugin
  • INTIVIPOCII-169 Generate mapping table for AMB properties
  • INTIVIPOCII-30 Refactor template file to use AmbPluginImpl as base class
  • INTIVIPOCII-310 Property library view is not refreshed after return from Search view
  • INTIVIPOCII-30 Provide optional toggle to anonymize AMB property names
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