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This Project is now complete. This page is maintained as an archive.

AGL Demonstrator Project using Crosswalk

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AGL Reference Platform

The AGL Reference Platform utilizes Tizen IVI using Crosswalk as its core operating system stack and adds middleware packages and a user experience to it.

Binary Distribution

We are making the AGL reference platform available as binary distributions for different reference hardware systems. Please follow the links below to access download and installation instructions for the currently available binary distributions.

Core Operating System Stack

The core operating system stack for the AGL reference platform is Tizen IVI using Crosswalk.

Tizen has a bi-annual release cycle. The 1.0 release came out in May 2012, the 2.0 release was launched in spring 2013 and the 3.0 release M2 (IVI) was released in October 2013 and updated in February 2015.

The releases, intermediate snapshots, and actively developing nightly builds are all available in the site. The documentation, tools and processes published in the Tizen wiki and the Tizen Developer Guide are the basis for AGL development.

User Experience

The AGL Reference Platform User Experience is written entirely in HTML5 and JavaScript. It uses the Tizen IVI web runtime which interfaces with the vehicle through plugins that communicate with vehicle buses via the Automotive Message Broker (AMB).

The current web runtime is Webkit but Tizen will migrate to Crosswalk within the next couple of months. Crosswalk is a more modern web runtime environment based on Chrome and Blink. It is also better performing than Webkit.

The purpose of the AGL Reference Platform User Experience is to demonstrate how applications are developed and to exercise the underlying middleware and operating system stack components. This is not meant to be a production user interface.

Resources within each page will have soon a Video, Design Requirements Document (DRD), Access to the Sources Code, and an installation file to download.

These are the components that comprise the current AGL Reference Platform User Experience:

Green = release and code available

Red = Scheduled for second quarter 2015.

We are constantly adding new components to build the system out into a fully functional IVI system.


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