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o. What is the Functional Safety Expert Group?

The Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Functional Safety Expert Group is an organizational unit of AGL with a focus on the various hardware, software, and processes required for functional safety in a car. Functional Safety is defined largely, but not entirely, by ISO 26262

An automotive electronics system often requires Functional Safety infrastructure integrated into the various electronic components in a vehicle, specifically for safety critical parts of the system.

Nowadays, many of the automotive SoC vendors are designing SoCs (System-on-Chip) by integrating into hardware the ability to detect errors and faults. International standards such as ISO 26262 or IEC 61508 are required in the automotive industry and SoCs with functional safety will become more common in vehicle electrical components.

In addition, the further development of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is driving the development and production of high-performance automotive SoCs. As most of the ADAS applications, like LKAS (Lane Keeping Assistance System), APAS (Auto Parking Assistance System), and Autonomous Driving, involve the driving control of vehicles, functional safety will continue to play an important role in the design of automotive OSes and SoCs.

The purpose of Functional Safety Expert Group is to refine functional safety features and to enrich AGL on top of automotive SoCs with functional safety architecture.

o. Participation and Contact

Contact yskwon at etri dot re dot kr for participation in Functional Safety Expert Group.

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