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The Meeting Minutes of AGL Navi-EG (Web conf.)
Time of date 9:00-10:00 (JST), Jun/13 '19
Attendee: Hoshina (Toyota Motor)、Ogi (Mazda Motor)

        Momiyama (Aishin AW)、Makino (Micware)\\
        Miki (Micware)、Nishida (Micware)\\

Chair: Wakazono (Micware)

Topics discussed
1. Status on prototyping

 Regarding the Product-NAVI (Micware)\\
 It has been taking time to make a plan because we are not familiar with the Binder scheme.\\
 We'll keep you updated and have a WG meeting as soon as we decide the plan on system configuration and so on. (Micware)\\

2. Regarding the regular meeting

 Conference style: Tel-conference by using Skype\\
 Time of day: 14:00-15:00, 2nd Tuesday of every month\\
 Considering to have F2F meeting during the ALS time frame.\\
 Need to confirm with Walt-san whether the meeting room is available during the ALS.\\

3. Q&A

 Q1:Which booth are you considering to have the demo for Product-NAVI? (Hoshina-san)\\
 A1:We want to have the demo on AGL Booth. (Wakazawa-san)\\
   There may be some constraints to have the Product-NAVI in AGL booth, need to discuss with Walt-san. (Hoshina-san)\\
   We'll try to confirm the situation with Walt-san\\
 Q2:Is there any requirements for demonstration board? (Makino-san) \\
 A2:No restrictions for demonstration board. Intel's board and Renesas board could be used for demonstration. (Hoshina-san)\\
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