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Container and Mesh Expert Group

The Container and Mesh Expert Group is developing an in-vehicle container solution for AGL and developing a service mesh and orchestration framework that can be deployed as part of AGL.

All documentation for the EG is kept here on the AGL Confluence site. Confluence is used to keep track of requirements, architecture, and other issues.


Regular meetings are scheduled on Wednesdays The upcoming schedule can be found on the project calendar.

To join the discussion, please use the following link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 160 398 436
Passcode: 430386

Meetings Agenda and Report

Meetings agenda and report can be found on Confluence

Group Members

This group is open to people interested in the AGL in-vehicle containerization and service mesh definition and implementation. If you are interested in joining the development efforts or the discussion, put your name here.

  • Haydn Peterswald - AWS (EG Lead)
  • Dean Philips - AWS
  • Naoto Yamaguchi - Aisin
  • Scott Murray - Konsulko
  • Walt Miner - LF
  • Jan-Simon Moeller - LF
  • Matt Spencer - Arm
  • Chris Guimaraes -
  • Hiroyuki Ishii - Panasonic
  • Jerry Jiancong, Zhao - Panasonic
  • Bernard Craddock - PumpedFuel
  • Nedeljko Miljevic - AVL
  • Tiejun Chen - VMware
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