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Connectivity Expert Group

EG Project and Task Lists are in Jira Browse/live tv hd

List View can be found here.
Kanban View can be found here.


The Connectivity EG meets every other Thursday. Meeting schedule, dial-in information, agenda, and minutes for the Connectivity EG can be found here.


The Connectivity Expert Group is responsible for the requirements, architecture and design of the following topics within AGL.

  • Vehicle Connectivity (CAN, MOST, LIN, AMB)
  • Network and vehicle firewalls
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Connected Car
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC
  • Smart Device Link (SDL)
  • Remote Vehicle Interactions (RVI)


FIXME Identify Team Lead for coordinating team meetings and representation to the SAT

  • Christian Gromm - Microchip
  • Stephane Desneux - Renesas /
  • Ned - Wind River to find a delegate
  • Keisuke Nakano - NTT Data MSE
  • Hiroto Imamura - NTT Data MSE
  • Sri Maldia - Alps Electronics
  • Yuichi Kusakabe - Fujitsu TEN
  • Vijayendra Mohan Agrawal - Wipro


The Connectivity EG Roadmap is part of the overall AGL Roadmap and can be found on this page.


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