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Drivity Tools is the multifunctional component providing almost everything needed for secure vehicle (and not just vehicle) tracking and general data security. This software component lets you easily implement LBS and generally GNSS related features including backend data exchange.

Drivity Tools includes several separate functions such as NMEA parser, LBS API, RSA and AES256 encryption, JSON parser and composer and some more. All these blocks can be used separately as dedicated software libraries, however they are integrated to each other. Finally, powerful command line utility provided as a solid demo of high level API, which is also applicable for practical usage.

Drivity Tools is basically a most valuable part of the firmware of Componentality Drivity product and also used in some other products of Componentality, being a company standard in secure data gathering, storing and exchange.

Drivity Tools is available for Windows and Linux. It also can be built on other POSIX platforms, but not yet tested there. It can be used instead of gpsd under Linux, but generally provides a lot more. And definitely it is mostly focused on security because tracking is very sensitive to private data leaks.

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