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Drivity platform is an easily customizable basis for fleet management, vehicle tracking, stolen car recovery and other ‘true embedded’ communication products.

Drivity is also a platform for a set of custom products such as eCall / ERA GLONASS onboard units, advanced toll road monitoring and payment enforcement OBUs and portable safety trackers.

Drivity is ultimately cheap and supports various types of Cortex M3/M4 CPUs for optimal performance and cost effectiveness


Drivity tools is an open source vehicle tracking software library. It provides - NMEA parser, - vehicle tracking records composing, - encryption and data management to gather, store and deliver car information securely.

drivity_tools is supplied with utility for immediate use on various operating systems. Out of the box it works on Windows and Linux platforms and can be compiled on every device supporting C/Cnative code, C++ runtime and STL. [[drivity_tools native API and interface to be launched from shell scripts.

drivity_tools is distributed under GPL license and available for download, usage and update.

Your participation is always appreciated!

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