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Media Browser and Player for AGL Distribution


Project to create a demonstration media player using the first release of the AGL Distribution. Ideally the application will reuse the code from the joint AGL / GENIVI media manager project (phase 1) that was completed earlier this year.

The project is covered by Jira issue Spec-40 and its subtasks.


What are the use cases we want the demo application to satisfy?

Refer to AGL requirements spec as a starting point.

Pioneer created a requirements document for demo application to be reviewed during the Sep 2015 All Member Meeting.





Use Cases

Playing Songs from a USB Stick

The media player in AGL 5 (Electric Eel) and newer version is capable of playing songs from removable media, such as a USB stick. Follow the steps below to test this functionality:

  • Format a partition of a USB stick with FAT32.
  • Copy ogg sound files to the USB stick. Wikipedia provides free sample ogg files here and here.
  • Plug the USB stick in a device or a development board compatible with AGL. Ensure that the following peripherals are attached: display, input device (touchscreen or mouse), speaker.
  • Turn on the device and launch the Media Player application.
  • Verify that the sound files are shown and press the play button.
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