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2018 Automotive Linux Summit Demo

For ALS 2018 we will use the 2018 CES Demo with bug fixes and some additional apps


  • Use electric eel 5.0.2 or later. 5.0.3 is planned for late May.
  • Tanikawa and Kurokawa will be responsible for final build

Open Issues

  • Audio:
    • Master volume does not work
    • Pulse audio crashing in media player causes media player to continuously skip to next track especially in video player, sometimes in audio player.
  • Homescreen unstable in eel. Need plan to backport from FF or to fix current homescreen. Tanikawa says that instability was introduced by addition of Chromium and Chromium running out of memory.
  • Bluetooth and wifi are unstable. Can Matt and Pantellis FF changes be backported to EE. (SPEC-1165)
  • Application launch from home screen and interaction with Window Manager is also a problem and not reliable especially when the user tries to start multiple applications in succession or hits the same button multiple times. Issue is that there is no confirmation that that the WM command was successful or failed so their state machines get out of sync. Need to check with Toyota and Mitsunari-san about a fix.
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