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  • Wayland/Weston maintainer
    • Topics
      • Code maintainer and upstream to Wayland/Weston
        • Recommended company: Collabora, Codethink, Cogent, igalia, and Igel
          • Background:
            • Strong relationship with Wayland/Weston
            • Window management knowledge and experience
      • xdg-protocol, ivi-application-protocol are supported in parallel
        • Michael from ADIT is now implementing PoC.
        • The PoC would finished in this week.
        • Announced as RFC in AGL mailing list.
      • Weston backend for surface sharing: gerrit by Kurokawa-san
      • Waltham protocol to be reviewd by Code maintainer: wait for maintainer.
      • Home Screen proposal to be reviewed
  • Audio Management maintainer for AGL in FY 17: NO update
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