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    1. Cluster: DENSO prepares demonstration on MinnorBoard Max. DONE.
    2. Upstream Inter-node display protocol: Renesas plugin to be cleaned up and merged to Wayland/Weston.
      1. Retry or Error functionality shall be implemented?
      2. Surface base sharing, ivi_share shall be supported?
    3. Panasonic backend to be investigated and collaborated with Renesas plugin.
    4. gtk native on wayland to be investigated.
    5. Window manager on wayland to be investigated.
    6. Do we need an engineer who strongly have relationship with Wayland/Weston
      1. To be escalated to SC and AB?
  1. bus_comparison: Pending. to be discussed more with TOYOTA.
    1. and Microchip will propose alternative solution of AMB.
    2. After CES, we shall discuss alternative;
      1. Which IPC is the best for this. Websocket or else to be anaylized.
      2. Filter
    3. High level signal binder.
    4. Low level: CAN, LIN, etc.
  1. Collaborating virtualization EG (first telco will : Graphic/GPU sharing, Audio Management)
    1. Jail house
    2. Virtual Open system: proprietary solution
    3. Xen
      1. Any info??
  • HMI designer from LF
    • ICON, background of HOMESCREEN: will be succeeded by Ohiwa-san from TOYOTA.
      • 10th of Feb: 9:00am timeslot in AGL AMM to discuss.
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