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Lead: Nobuhiko Tanibata from DENSO


Noda-san, Sakamoto-san from Pioneer
Kataoka-san from Hi Corp
Oliver-san, Ninomiya-san from Aisin AW
Tanaka-san from Panasonic
Risto Avila from Qt
Hisao Munakata from Renesas
Kimura-san from Toyota
Wada-san from Panasonic

Review of AGL distro v1.0: How to align specs releated to this EG with expectation from SAT.

  1. Provide wiki page of each following area to correct,
    1. Missing requirement and use case from current AGL distro v1.0

wiki page and template: Tanibata will prepare

  1. recommendation of OSS.
  2. The above page will be filled out by members within 2 weeks (requested by SAT).

Open discussion: Missing requirement and use case in AGL distro v1.0


  1. handing H/W layers
  2. fastboot
  3. multidisplay
  4. input handling: Vehicle inputhanding is more complecated to Desktop ones(keyboard, mouse only)
  5. Vulkan support(?)

Audio routing:

  1. Multiple source and sink handling
  2. business logic/rule framework


  1. This is tied cuppled with UI framewok.


  1. defining all interfaces like GENIVI may not be successful.
  2. Target less than 20 interfaces may be reasonable.


  1. Multimedia APIs
    1. Playback
    2. indexing
  2. Hardware acclerataed plugin
    1. gstreamer, video and audio


  1. Qtwayland
  2. HI corporation will discuss internally whether low level library for toolkit can be opended
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