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 The discussions of this EG will be done through the public AGL mailing list.  The discussions of this EG will be done through the public AGL mailing list. 
-====== ​ALS2017 virtualization related presentations ​======+====== ​Hypervisor and eCockpit requirements ​======
-This section lists the EG-VIRT and virtualization related presentation to be held in Tokyo for ALS2017: +Virtualization in the AGL Requirements:​ Eric ShufroSatpreet Singh (Panasonic)LaurentC, Mark Silberger (VW)
-  * [[https://​​event/​AF0V/​how-to-introduce-virtualization-in-agl-objectives-plans-and-targets-for-agl-eg-virt-michele-paolino-virtual-open-systems|How to Introduce ​Virtualization in AGL? ObjectivesPlans and Targets for AGL EG-VIRT]] - Michele Paolinoslides available here: [[http://​​sites/​events/​files/​slides/​vosys_EG-VIRT_ALS17_2017_6_1_public_0.pdf]] +
-  * [[https://​​event/​AF0M/​an-opensource-low-level-hypervisor-for-agl-dominig-ar-foll-intel-open-source|An OpenSource Low Level Hypervisor for AGL]] - Dominig ar Foll+
-====== Known efforts for automotive virtualization ======+1. Vision 
 +    * Have an opensource project supporting a e-cockpit out of the box solution. 
 +    * Support IVI (android/​AGL),​ cluster (AGL), Telematics (Connectivity),​ safe RTOS (AutoSAR, RTOS)
-Currently available hardware platforms enable the implementation of different types of virtualizationThis section gathers a list of example efforts in the direction of AGL virtualization. If you are working on a similar project ​and you want the AGL community ​to be aware of itadd  ​the related information here below.+2Hypervisor 
 +    * ability to virtualize GPU, IOs, networking, CPU and run different virtual machines. 
 +    * Support memory separation for each guest 
 +    * Support physical suspend ​to RAM. 
 +    * Inter VM communication (Shared memorynetwork, character) 
 +    * Meet ASIL Safety requirements 
 +    * OPTEE should be available for all the guests 
 +    * Boot time overhead introduced by the hypervisor should be much less than 25%
-  ​ALS 2016 PoC: AGL, FreeRTOS ​and Ubuntu running on the RCar H3 ([[http://​​en/​solutions/​demos/​vosysmonitor-als2016|link]]) - Virtual Open Systems +3. System Behavior 
-  Description ​company+    ​* Power management of vehicle micro and main micro 
 +    * Co-ordinate startup and shutdown of all VMs. 
 +    * Support early boot using suspend to ram or suspend to disk or other techniques 
 +    * Interprocessor communication (bootmicro and mainmicro for different systems (IVI, cluster) including safety considerations.
 +4. Goals
 +    * Create standard interfaces for inter VM communication.
 +    * Create vehicle power moding strategy and interfaces to VM.
 +    * Create a system block architecture with recommended separation of concerns.
 +    * Standard way of sharing hardware (Virtio) is very important for fast prototyping and portability
 +    * Standard way of software update including peripheral devices and delta update.
 +5. HW target
 +    * The new raspberry Pi can be a nice target
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