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 +Minutes of Meeting
 +Date: 2018/​10/​31\\
 +Attendee: Momiyama/​Chen(AisinAW),​Miki/​Matsubara(Micware),​Hashida/​Miyamoto(TELENAV),​Oki(Mazda)\\
 +Agenda: Qt navigation development status
 +Current status of development\\
 +Demostration route&​navigation,​ guidance is finished.\\
 +Voice guidance is under developing.\\
 +As NextNavi suggested by Fulup last AMM is not free for the maps,\\
 +we think it is not suitable for our new navigation.\\
 +About Sensor Service\\
 +Q:Has Micware discussed about doing this layer?​(AW)\\
 +A:Sorry, we don't have resources to do it until end of this year, so we'll consider it again next year.(Micware)
 +About the next step of Navi-EG, we'd like to hold a f2f meeting next week.\\
 +11/16 16:00 Nagoya will be the candidate.
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