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 +Minutes of Meeting@NaviEG
 +Date: 2018/​09/​19\\
 +Attendee: Momiyama/​Chen(AisinAW),​ Oki(Mazda), Hoshina(Toyota),​ Koguchi(Hitachi),​ Miki(Micware)\\
 +Agenda: Design review for Navigation APIs
 +Using Mapbox as OSS navigation and finding APIs of Mapbox could be better choice rather that GENIVI of AGL.\\
 +Mapbox APIs are more object-oriented.\\
 +Like auto-zoom,​\\
 +In Mapbox we just get camera instance from Navigation and send it to Map, while\\
 +In GENIVE we need to judge if it's close to cross and than control the Map.
 +Besides, it's easy to implement as both APIs and functions use Mapbox.
 +There is also a way that using the QT extenstion for Mapbox.\\
 +But as it's difficult to realize combination with meter, it could be a problem when accepting this idea.
 +We are considering using include to absorb the difference when switching from GENIVI to Mapbox.
 +We still have some issue to do when using positioning info in Mapbox.\\
 +We are considering creating a Sensor Service layer to support the Navigation Service layer.\\
 +All the data needed for Navigation should be implemented in it.
 +Beside, if no GPS, mobile base stations can also be used to support positioning and these customizations
 +could be run behind the new service.
 +Q:Is this concept same with the device APIs before?\\
 +Q:Are there any other service to be considered?​\\
 +A:AW have no new service, but we can discuss about it if there is a request.
 +Q:Maybe we should inform DENSO and other members that tried GENIVI before.\\
 +A:Yes, we will discuss with DENSO.
 +Q:Switching to Mapbox means another APIs or just the implementation?​\\
 +A:APIs will be changed.
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