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 +Minutes of Meeting 09/12
 +Date: 2018/​09/​12\\
 +Attendee: Momiyama/​Chen(AisinAW),​ Oki(Mazda), Hoshina(Toyota),​ Koguchi(Hitachi),​ Matsubara(Micware),​ hashida(telenavi)\\
 +Agenda: Design review for Navigation APIs
 +MAPBOX binding plan\\
 +Use mapbox as OSS-navi part.\\
 +MAPBOX has a WebAPI service for map/​navigation and a integrated SDK.\\
 +We'd like to binding SDK to AGL platform since it has rendering and display function.\\
 +[1] its render/​display is GLFW/​OpenGL+Xwindow for desktop\\
 +[2] it has no navigation just the map function
 +So binding display system and adding navigation function are our actions.
 +10/Mid display map ON AGL (at least, adding navigation if possible)\\
 +11/Mid stabilization
 +API class definition\\
 +Fix the class definition\\
 +In APP client lib, we want to separate classes for APP and classes for AFB.\\
 +Both will have the same base class.\\
 +For APP side, we prepare an IF for create instance, which will create ones for AFB.
 +Based on OpenXC, we picked up data needed for navigation.\\
 +Basically, they are used by TOYOTA system.\\
 +CAN monitor is generating the same one for them. Confirm it with the CAN source designer.\\
 +Data needed are\\
 +steering_wheel_angle(known as angular velocity in navigation)\\
 +vehicle_speed(known as Vehicle speed pulse in navigation)\\
 +accelerator_pedal_position(known as Accelerometer in navigation)\\
 +transmission_gear_position(known as reverse in navigation)\\
 +latitude/​longitude(known as GPS in navigation)
 +this is same with MICWARE'​s recognition
 +Q:Does navigation has turn-by-turn info?\\
 +A:We are considering to add it into navigation functions and also investigate the needed APIs.\\
 +Q:About MAPBOX SDKs, is there anyone which includes navigation functions?​\\
 +A:SDKs for iOS and Android should be that ones.
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