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 +Minutes if MTG
 +Date: 2018/​08/​29\\
 +Attendee: Momiyama/​Chen(AisinAW),​ Oki(Mazda), Hoshina(Toyota),​ Koguchi(Hitachi),​ Matsubara(Micware)\\
 +Agenda: Design review for Navigation APIs
 +API policies
 +1.NaviAPI users should not include headers except for Navi function itself.\\
 +  And so were those Navi headers.
 +  As C++ is used for code, we accept std:: libraries.
 +  For e.g.,
 +  C stdio library was NG
 +  IPC functions should be hidden. Port/​TokenID for AFB should be hidden.(to users)
 +  Dbus dependent data format will be replaced.
 +  Surface info should be hidden.
 +2.All the dependences should be placed in other headers.
 +  For the data used by dependences,​ we use a base class named like NaviConfig with nobody inside it, and prepare an API method for pass the instance.
 +  For implement of AFB/BINDER, we create a inhert class named NaviConfigAGL,​ and put Port/​TokenID into it.
 +3.Both client and servicer of API use the same structure and component.
 +  Use different class name for the case of single process.
 +4.Only use function call or callback(listener class)
 +  Function calls are always sync.
 +  Use function returns for system errors and parameter for function errors.
 +  System errors mean server not ready or down.
 +5.Keep backward compatibility when adding new APIs
 +  Soft of old version should be kept working(be aware of virtual)
 +6.Naming rules
 +  Camel name
 +  Names of GENIVI method should be kept unchanged(not for class name)
 +Q.Is this the rule for navigation or whole AGL?\\
 +A.Just for navigation not AGL.\\
 +Q.Should we unify the policies of other APIs?\\
 +A.No, AGL only requests the AFB framework for APIs.\\
 +If we refer to other APIs, we have to face to so many patterns.\\
 +So we decided to make one rule for navigation.
 +Class diagram for Application\\
 +Now we have wsj1 class for binder control, which is visiable to application.\\
 +That is not expectable and we are discussing about seperating this part.
 +Q.We need a schedule for CES. Pls give me the one for navigaion.\\
 +A.We hope to complete implment in mid of Oct.\\
 +Q.Which render engine is used by MAPBOX?\\
 +A.MAPBOX'​s original one named nativeGL.(GLFW/​OpenGL was used inside)\\
 +Q.WebGL is not ready and should not be used.\\
 +A.No webGL inside MAPBOX. Besides, basically, we will bind MAPBOX to AGL, which means AGL's standard render will be used.
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