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 ==== Face To Face Meetings ==== ==== Face To Face Meetings ====
-=== 2019 ===  
-September 24-26 [[agl-distro:​sep2019-f2f|Face-to-Face Meeting]] to be held at Carmeq'​s office in Berlin, Germany+=== 2020 ===
-October 24 [[ https://​ | AGL All Member Meeting]] in Monte Carlo. [[agl-distro:​oct2019-f2f | System Architecture Team and Expert Group Meetings]] ​+Mar 20 - [[ https://​​agl-amm/​| AGL All Member Meeting]] in Honolulu, Hawaii. [[agl-distro:​mar2020-f2f | System Architecture Team and Expert Group Meetings]] ​
-Nov 11-13 - We will hold simultaneous hackfests/ CES integration sessions in [[agl-distro:​nov2019-f2f-karlsruhe|Karlsruhe,​ Germany]] (hosted by Microchip) and [[agl-distro:​nov2019-f2f-yokohama|Yokohama,​ Japan]] (hosted by NTT Data MSE)  
-Dec 10-12 - We will hold a hackfest/​CES Integration session in San Francisco at [[agl-distro:​dec2019-sf-f2f|the Linux Foundation office]]. 
 === Archive === === Archive ===
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