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 ==== Create AGL Distribution ==== ==== Create AGL Distribution ====
-A project to create an AGL distribution ​independent of Tizen. ​+A project to create an AGL distribution ​that fulfills the requirements for Automotive Grade Linux and unifies the code developed for GENIVI, ​Tizen, and AGL into a single distribution
 ==== Repo Name ====  ==== Repo Name ==== 
-TBD+The code is managed in [[https://​​gerrit/#/​admin/​projects/​| the AGL git repository]]. 
 +Issue tracking and work planning is on Jira at [[https://​]].
 ==== Description ​ ==== ==== Description ​ ====
-Create an AGL specific ​distribution. ​+This project encompasses the setting up the infrastructure and creation of a Yocto based AGL distribution. The main wiki page for the distribution is [[agl-distro|AGL Distribution]]. As work is completed on this project it will be documented on [[agl-distro|AGL Distribution]] site
 ==== Scope  ==== ==== Scope  ====
-What is the scope of the project? Some things to consider:\\ +The project ​scope encompasses creating an AGL Distribution that is
-- Is there specific hardware or specific configuration being targeted.\\ +  * Yocto based 
-- Is there anything expressly out of scope for this project?​\\ ​+  * Hosted on on Linux Foundation servers. 
 +  * Performing Continuous Integration using Continuous Integration server such as Jenkins
 +  * Utilizing automated testing that is run daily.
-These requirements ​will be used to create a staffing proposal.+At the end of the project (envisioned by Jan 2016) there will also be demo applicationsBased input from the members those applications will have native and Crosswalk versions available. The applications chosen are: 
 +  * Best Freakin'​ Home Screen Ever 
 +  * Settings 
 +  * Media Browser and Player 
 +  * HVAC Control ​
-Yocto based 
-Hosted on on Linux Foundation servers. 
-Daily builds shall be performed using a Continuous Integration server such as Jenkins. 
-Sanity tests shall be defined and run daily. 
 +The project was broken up into three phases.
-==== Resources Committed ​(developers committed to working)  ​====+Phase 1 - Create an AGL Distro [See Also [[project-create-agl-distro:​Phase 1 |Phase 1 Discussions and Decisions]]] 
 +  * Replacement for Tizen IVI, provide the same infrastructure that Tizen IVI provided 
 +  * Unify as much as possible AGL, Tizen IVI and GENIVI 
 +  * Design the layers such that the base distro can be used for IVI, Cluster, Telematics 
 +  * Create the recipes and layers 
 +  * Create test framework 
 +  * App framework and demo is out of scope for Phase 1 
 +  * Support ARM and x86 (Minnowboard or VTC 1010) 
 +  * Release phase 1 by end of August
-For new project ​proposals please identify the project proposer ​and organization. ​+Phase 2 - App Framework and Demo Applications [See Also [[project-create-agl-distro:​Phase 2 |Phase 2 Discussions and Decisions]]] 
 +  * Identify release cadence ​and support going forward (bug fixing, security updates, frequency of releases) 
 +  * App framework(s) 
 +  * Demo applications (Home Screen, Media browser/​player,​ Vehicle data, Settings) 
 +  * Option for Native vs HTML5 apps 
 +  * Support for QEMU or virtualized emulator? 
 +  * Release Phase 2 by end of 2015
-Formatted as Real Name (email address). For example:+Phase 3 - SDK and additional profiles [See Also [[project-create-agl-distro:Phase 3 |Phase 3 Discussions and Decisions]]] 
 +  * SDK 
 +  * Profiles for Cluster, HUD, Telematics
-John Doe ( 
-Need to answer: +==== Resources Committed (developers committed to working) ​ ====
-- Number of people required to start the project? +
-- How many resources does the proposer have to dedicate to the project? +
-- How many total resources will be required for the project? ​  +
-- How may AGL dedicated FTE's are requested for the project? +
-==== Initial Committers ​ ====+
-Formatted as Real Name (email address). For example:+See the [[agl-distro|AGL Distribution]] page for information on subsystem teams. The Layer Development team created the git repo and layer design.  
 +__**Layer Development Team**__\\ 
 +Tadao Tanikawa - Panasonic ​(tanikawa.tadao at\\ 
 +Streif, Rudolf <rstreif at>​\\ 
 +Nedeljko Miljevic <​Nedeljko.Miljevic at>​\\ 
 +Hisao Munakata <​hisao.munakata.vt at>​\\ 
 +Yoshiyuki Ito <​yoshiyuki.ito.ub at>​\\ 
 +RYOTA OKUBI <​ryota_okubi at>​\\ 
 +Jayan John <​Jayan.John at>​\\ 
 +Jonathan Maw <​jonathan.maw at>​\\ 
 +Paul Sherwood <​paul.sherwood at>​\\ 
 +Pete Popov <​pete.popov at>​\\ 
 +Matthew Porter <mporter at>​\\ 
 +Noriaki Fukuyasu <​fukuyasu at>​\\ 
 +Walt Miner <wminer at>​\\ 
 +Dan Cauchy <dcauchy at>​\\ 
 +Kengo Ibe <​kengo.ibe at>\\ 
 +==== Initial Committers ​ ====
-John Doe ( Tanikawa - Panasonic ​(tanikawa.tadao at
 ==== Vendor Neutral ​ ==== ==== Vendor Neutral ​ ====
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 ==== Project Status Reports ==== ==== Project Status Reports ====
-08 Feb - Project created as recommended by Toyota and JLR.+08 Feb 2015 - Project created as recommended by Toyota and JLR.\\ 
 +16 Apr 2015 - {{:​distro:​agl_distro_2015_04_16.pdf|Project update}} from Layer Team\\ 
 +20 May 2015 - {{:​distro:​agl_layer_planning_mtg_2015_05_20_sc_summary.pdf| Meeting Summary}} from San Jose F2F of the project team\\ 
 +02 Jun 2015 - {{:​distro:​agl_distro_planning_01_june_2015.pdf| Project update}} after ALS in Tokyo.\\ 
 +29 Jun 2015 - {{:​distro:​proposal_to_agl_distro_developtment_20150629.pdf|Layer Plan}} agreed to by the Layer Team.\\ 
 +28 Jul 2015 - Project updated from email threads in order to move the work to the public mail lists. Created landing pages for phase 1 and phase 2 and populated those pages.  ​
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