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-==== Project ​Name  ====+//​**This ​Project ​is now complete. This page is maintained as an archive. If you would like get the latest information on the AGL Requirements Specification go [[agl_specification|here]]. **  
-AGL Specification ​Project+ 
 +FIXME - This page is out of date.  
 +==== AGL System Requirements ​Specification ​v1.0 ====
 ==== Repo Name ====  ==== Repo Name ==== 
-N/A - will be using DOORS NG for the specification ​+DOORS NG is used to maintain the specification which can be found at [[http://​]] 
 +Information on requesting an account on the DOORS NG server can be found [[start:​getting-started|here]]. 
 +DOORS NG training slides created ​for AGL are {{:​agl_doors_ng_training_02222015.pdf|here}}. These slides provide an overview of how DOORS NG is being used on the AGL project. ​
 ==== Description ​ ==== ==== Description ​ ====
 The goals of the specification project are: The goals of the specification project are:
-  - Create a requirements ​management process +  ​* Develop DOORS NG schema for AGL specifications 
-  ​Complete version 1.0 of the AGL Specification+    * System Requirements (Status: Complete) 
 +      * Functional and non-functional ​requirements 
 +    * Use Cases 
 +    * Features 
 +  ​* Create Requirements Management Process 
 +  * DOORS NG and process training ( Status: ​Complete. {{:​agl_doors_ng_training_02222015.pdf|Slides posted}} ). 
 +  * Finalize ​version 1.0 of the AGL specification in DOORS NG ( Target date: Prior to [[http://​​events/​automotive-linux-summit | Automotive Linux Summit]] which is to be held June 1, 2015 )
 ==== Scope  ==== ==== Scope  ====
-What is the scope of the project? Some things to consider:\\ 
-- Is there specific hardware or a specific configuration being targeted.\\ 
-- Is there anything expressly out of scope for this project?​\\ ​ 
 +[[use_cases_and_requirements|Use Cases and Requirements for IVI]] from JLR.
 +**Milestone 1 (M1)**\\
 +Create a requirements management process and a schedule to complete version 1.0 of the AGL specification using the process. The process may be revised as we work through issues while completing the spec. 
 +The tasks to be completed for M1 are:
 +  * Complete the import of version 0.82 of the spec into DOORS NG
 +  * Agree on the structure of the final document and assign owners to each section or domain. ​
 +    * Work in progress for this task is [[agl-sat-spec-structure|AGL Spec Domain Structure]]
 +  * Agree on the process for developing, approving, and maintaining the requirements.
 +  * Create schedule for completion of the various sections leading to follow on project to finish the spec. 
 +The target date for completing the initial set of tasks is December 15. Phil Rutten of JLR has agreed to head up this effort.  ​
 ==== Resources Committed (developers committed to working) ​ ==== ==== Resources Committed (developers committed to working) ​ ====
-For new project ​proposals please identify ​the project proposer and organization+Subscribe to project ​mail list or view the list archives [[https://​​mailman/​listinfo/​automotive-rqmts|here]]
-Formatted as Real Name (email address). For example:+ 
-John Doe (**Project Leads:**\\  
 +Phil Rutten ​(prutten2 at jaguarlandrover dot com)\\ 
 +Walt Miner (wminer at linuxfoundation dot org)
-Need to answer: 
-- Number of people required to start the project? 
-- How many resources does the proposer have to dedicate to the project? 
-- How many total resources will be required for the project?  ​ 
-- How may AGL dedicated FTE's are requested for the project? 
 ==== Initial Committers ​ ==== ==== Initial Committers ​ ====
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 ==== Project Status Reports ==== ==== Project Status Reports ====
 +01 June 2015 - Version 1.0 of the AGL Requirements Spec completed. ​
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