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 ====== Current Version of Weekly AGL Developer Newsletter ====== ====== Current Version of Weekly AGL Developer Newsletter ======
-==== March 22, 2019 ====+==== May 31, 2019 ==== 
 +Here it is!  Issue number thirty of the weekly AGL newsletter highlighting work going on around the AGL Community has landed on your doorstep.
-Spring is finally here and so is issue number twenty-two ​of the weekly AGL newsletter ​highlighting work going on around the AGL Community. Feedback and comments are welcome. ​ can find the latest ​issue and back issues ​of the newsletter on our wiki page. https://​​newsletter. Feedback and comments ​on the newsletter ​are welcome. ​
 Regards,\\ Regards,\\
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 Twitter: [[https://​​VStarWalt | @VStarWalt]] Twitter: [[https://​​VStarWalt | @VStarWalt]]
-**Highlights:**+==== Highlights ​====
-1) The ​Instrument Cluster Expert Group needs OEM and Tier One members to join the group so we can gather requirements ​for this project. Contact me or join the next expert group meeting if you want to contribute. https://​​eg-ic+1) Grumpy Guppy patch release 7.0.2 was made last week. https://​​agl-distro/​release-notes#​grumpy_guppy_702. Release 7.0.3 is planned for the end of June. The schedule was updated on the wiki page with updated plans for Guppy patch releases and the Happy Halibut release candidates. https://​​schedule
-2) Following ​the F2F meeting in Tokyo the re-architecture of the window manager and compositor has taken some great strides forward. This also includes ​new input manager and activity manager for applications On Monday the Graphics ​and UI Expert Group will review a revised proposal for the design If there are requirements you want to see fulfilled in these areas please plan to join us+2) Save the date for the next AGL All-Member Meeting. It will be held October 22-23, 2019 in Monte Carlo. This is an exciting location with rich car racing historySponsorships are now available ​and we will open the CFP soonThere will also be F2F SAT an Expert Group meetings held on October 24https://​​events/​agl-amm-eu-2019/​
-3) The System Architecture Team will take a look at the latest window manager proposal as well as get an update on plans for using PipeWire ( in the AGL audio stack on Thursday. ​+3) Long-term support for the AGL UCB. We are documenting requirements that will be reviewed ​at this week’s SAT meeting.  ​
-4) The ​deadline to submit ​CFP for Automotive Linux summit is Sunday, March 24.​automotive-linux-summit-2019/​program/​cfp/+4) The ​SAT is also having ​discussion about how we improve the AGL UCB readiness of AGLThis discussion will continue during this week’s SAT call.  See confluence at 
-5) Our next F2F meeting ​will be held at Igalia’s office ​in Coruna, ​Spain on May 7 – 9 Sign up on the wiki if you plan to make itA lot of important topics are on the agenda. https://​​agl-distro/may2019-f2f+5) The hardware specification being written by the Reference Hardware System Architecture EG was reviewed during the meeting in Spain. ​This should lead to a 2-DIN hardware prototype that can be purchased by AGL MembersThe current version ​of the spec can be found here. https://​​_media/eg-rhsa/​agl_referencehardwarespec_v0.2.2.pdf ​  The next step is take this document and create an RFQ that can be responded to by possible hardware designers. I am working to get the first draft of the RFQ ready for this week’s SAT call (June 6). 
-6) When you make your travel plans to attend ​Automotive Linux Summit ​in July, remember that we will hold a F2F SAT and Expert Group meeting the day before ​ALS beginsSign up at +6) The agenda for Automotive Linux Summit ​was posted. ​ALS will be held July 17 – 19 in Tokyo.​program/​schedule/​
-7) We tested the pre-release versions of both 6.0.5 on flounder ​and 7.0.1 on guppy and found a blocking issue on both of them. See the developer call meeting ​minutes for details. We still expect the releases to be made this week so look for announcements ​on the mail list ​Meanwhile,​ we are finishing the uprev to Yocto 2.6 (thud branch) on master in the next few weeks as well+7) When you make your travel plans to attend Automotive Linux Summit, remember that we will hold a Face-to-Face SAT and Expert Group meeting on July 16 the day before ALS beginsSign up at https://​​agl-distro/​jul2019-f2f
-**This week’s meetings:** 
-**Monday**\\ +==== This week’s meetings:​==== 
-13:00 UTC – [[eg-ui-graphics#​weekly_call|Graphics and UI Expert Group]]+=== Monday ​=== 
 +None V2C EG Call Canceled ​
-**Tuesday**\\+=== Tuesday ​=== 
 +12:00 pm UTC – Joint meeting of [[eg-ic:​meetings|Instrument Cluster]] and [[eg-requirements-specification:​meetings|System Spec Expert Groups]] ​
-12:00 pm UTC – Joint meeting of [[eg-ic:​meetings|Instrument Cluster]] and [[eg-requirements-specification:meetings|System Spec Expert Groups]]\\ +13:00 UTC - [[:​dev-call-info|Weekly developer call]]\\
- +
- +
-13:00 UTC - [[dev-call-info|Weekly developer call]]\\+
 Open to anyone with questions about AGL code or issues they may be having. ​ Open to anyone with questions about AGL code or issues they may be having. ​
-**Wednesday**\\+=== Wednesday ​===
 13:00 UTC - [[eg-app-fw:​meetings|App Framework and Security Expert Group]] 13:00 UTC - [[eg-app-fw:​meetings|App Framework and Security Expert Group]]
-**Thursday**\\ +===Thursday=== 
-13:00 UTC - [[agl-sat-meetings|System Architecture Team]] +13:00 UTC - [[:agl-sat-meetings|System Architecture Team]]
- +
 The full AGL calendar can always be found at https://​​calendar/​embed?​ The full AGL calendar can always be found at https://​​calendar/​embed?​
 +[[newsletter:​archive|Past editions]] of the newsletter can be found [[newsletter:​archive|here]].
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