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Erika Enterprise

Erika Enterprise is a free and open-source RTOS specifically designed for the automotive market.

It has been certified OSEK/VDX and Misra-C. Moreover, it implements an API inspired to a subset of the AUTOSAR API.

Main features

  • Hard real-Time support with Fixed Priority Scheduling and Immediate Priority Ceiling;
  • Support for Earliest Deadline First (EDF) and Resource Reservation Schedulers;
  • 1-4 KB Flash footprint, suitable for 8 to 32 bit microcontrollers;
  • Support for multi-core platforms;
  • Support for stack sharing among tasks;
  • Free development environment (i.e., RT-Druid) based on Eclipse.
  • Support for Lauterbach JTAG debuggers.

The whole list of features is available here.

Open-source license

The license of Erika Enterpise is GPL2+Linking exception (AKA Classpath).

This license allows to use and link (also statically) the RTOS without releasing your closed-source code!

Supported architectures

The whole list of the currently supported architectures is available here.

A porting guide to new microcontrollers is also available.


The source code is freely available here.

A fully open-source automotive solution: Linux + Erika Enterprise

Like Linux, Erika Enterprise is a free and open-source operating system. This allows to envision the possibility of cost reduction in automotive by adopting a fully open-source platform. The platform consists of:

  • Erika Enterprise as RTOS for automation and real-time control, and
  • Linux for advanced human-machine interfaces (HMIs), infotainment, remote communication and data logging.

This idea, initially presented through an international webinar of the Automotive Grade Linux workgroup, has been also the topic of a talk at the Automotive Linux Summit Fall in 2013. The slides are freely available here.

Then, a video on Youtube has shown this proof-of-concept on a multi-core imx6 platform.

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