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Virtualization Expert Group

The AGL Virtualization Expert Group (EG-VIRT) is responsible to design and implement virtualization solutions for AGL. This expert group has been created from a BoF held in the Munich AMM 2016 meeting (slides available here).

Containers, Hypervisors (both based on Virtualization Extensions and TrustZone) and any other virtualization solution for x86/ARM are considered to be of interest for this Expert Group. Mainline AGL support the KVM hypervisor on the Renesas RCar M3 platform).

Today the EG-VIRT expert group is focused on defining the Virtualization platform architecture of AGL. The result of the work of the EG-VIRT group in this direction is this white paper.

For more information about the technical objectives, members involved and target events see the specific section below.


Regular meetings are scheduled on Wednesdays at 14:00 UTC (bi-weekly). To join the discussion, please use the following link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meetings Agenda and Report

Meetings agenda and report can be found at the following wiki page:

Group Members

This group is open to people interested in the AGL virtualization architecture definition and implementation. If you are interested in joining the development efforts or the discussion, put your name here.

  • Michele Paolino - Virtual Open Systems -
  • Joel Hoffmann - Renesas Electronics -
  • Hariharan A - Sasken Technologies -
  • Yuichi Kusakabe - Fujitsu TEN -
  • Denys Balatsko - Global Logic -
  • Christoffer Dall - Linaro -
  • Daniel Bernal - Arm Inc. -
  • Tiejun Chen - VMware -
  • Hampapur Ajay - Volterra -
  • Ciwan Gouma - SYSGO -
  • Artem Mygaiev - EPAM -
  • Jack Ren - Intel -
  • Khiem Nguyen - Renesas -
  • Name - Company - email

The discussions of this EG will be done through the public AGL mailing list.

Hypervisor and eCockpit requirements

Virtualization in the AGL Requirements: Eric Shufro, Satpreet Singh (Panasonic)

1. Vision

  • Have an opensoruce project supporting a ecockpit out of the box solution.
  • Support IVI (android/AGL), cluster (AGL), safe RTOS (AutoSAR, RTOS)

2. Hypervisor

  • ability to virtualize GPU, IOs, networking, CPU and run different virtual machines.
  • Support memory separation for each guest
  • Support physical suspend to RAM.
  • Inter VM communication (Shared memory, network, character)
  • Meet ASIL Safety requirements

3. System Behavior

  • Power management of vehicle micro and main micro
  • Co-ordinate startup and shutdown of all VMs.
  • Support early boot using suspend to ram or suspend to disk or other techniques
  • Interprocessor communication (bootmicro and mainmicro for different systems (IVI, cluster) including safety considerations.

4. Goals

  • Create standard interfaces for inter VM communication.
  • Create vehicle power moding strategy and interfaces to VM.
  • Create a system block architecture with recommended separation of concerns.
  • Standard way of sharing hardware (Virtio)
  • Standard way of software update including peripheral devices and delta update.
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