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 ===== Meetings Agenda and Report ===== ===== Meetings Agenda and Report =====
-==== 16/04/20194PM CET Meeting ​on 03/04/2019 Action item ==== +Attendees: Michele Paolino (Virtual Open Systems)Walt Miner (Linux Foundation),​ Eric Shufro (Panasonic),​ Artem Myagev (EPAM), walzert 
-Virtualization ​in the AGL Requirements:​ Eric ShufroSatpreet Singh (Panasonic)+ 
 +  * Automotive virtualization requirements inputs from Panasonic:​ 
 +    * Key topic are Inter VM communication,​ power management and software updates 
 +    * Suspend to ram and GPU virt are somehow already supported by XEN 
 +    * System power management is missing in AGL (power ​on, screen off etc.) 
 +        * In virtualized environments,​ there is a need to power each virtual machine independently (power manager MCU that talks to plugins - one for each VM) 
 +        * Today Tier-1s buy software from Vector to handle power moting states, communication framework, etc. 
 +        * Panasonic is available to join Linux Foundation and discuss with Vector to find a solution for embedding solutions to this problem in AGL(also with closed binaries) 
 +        * On this topic, OEMs (Mazda/Suzuki) are asking tier-1s to bring more production ideas to AGL. Power management is one of them 
 +        * Today power management is done in EL3 (Arm TrustZone) 
 +    * A micro controller ​in the demonstration board is a nice feature to have. Possibly with wake on CAN 
 +  * EG-IC 
 +    * Michele attended the last meetingthings are progressing but virtualization is not yet in their future plans 
 +  * Next call to be held in May 15th: 
 +    * we'll skip May the 1st 
 +  * Action points 
 +    * Artem to provide a couple of examples about IPC mechanisms. If this is not sufficient ​(Eric to check), we need to start describing a complex use case 
 +    * Michele will monitor EG-IC
-1. Vision 
-   ​a. Have an opensoruce project supporting a ecockpit out of the box solution. 
-   ​b. Support IVI (android/​AGL),​ cluster (AGL), safe RTOS (AutoSAR, RTOS) 
-2. Hypervisor ​ 
-   ​a. ability to virtualize GPU, IOs, networking, CPU and run different virtual machines. 
-   ​b. Support memory separation for each guest 
-   ​c. Support physical suspend to RAM. 
-   ​d. Inter VM communication (Shared memory, network, character) 
-   ​e. Meet ASIL Safety requirements 
-3. System Behavior 
-   ​a. Power management of vehicle micro and main micro 
-   ​b. Co-ordinate startup and shutdown of all VMs. 
-   ​c. Support early boot using suspend to ram or suspend to disk or other techniques 
-4. Goals 
-   ​a. Create standard interfaces for inter VM communication. 
-   ​b. Create vehicle power moding strategy and interfaces to VM. 
-   ​c. Create a system block architecture with recommended separation of concerns. 
-   ​d. Standard way of sharing hardware (Virtio) 
-   ​e. Standard way of software update including peripheral devices and delta update. 
 ==== 03/04/2019, 4PM CET Meeting ==== ==== 03/04/2019, 4PM CET Meeting ====
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