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 ===== Meetings Agenda and Report ===== ===== Meetings Agenda and Report =====
 +==== July 25th 2018, 3PM CEST Meeting ====
 +Attendees: Michele Paolino (Virtual Open Systems), Jan-Simon Moeller(Linux Foundation),​ Jack Ren (Intel ACRN), Tiejun Chen (VMWare)
 +  * Jack is interested in integrating ACRN in AGL
 +    * meta-virtualization is the right place to add new hypervisors in AGL
 +    * Jack will investigate and come back with more questions if needed
 +  * Next call 22nd of August
 +==== June 27th 2018, 3PM CEST Meeting ====
 +Attendees: Michele Paolino (Virtual Open Systems), Walt Miner(Linux Foundation)
 +  * EG-VIRT Virtualization White paper
 +    * Published during ALS2018 and available [[https://​​wp-content/​uploads/​sites/​4/​2018/​06/​agl_software_defined_car_jun18.pdf|here]]
 +  * [[http://​​docs/​architecture/​en/​dev/​reference/​security/​part-3/​0_Abstract.html|Security blueprint request]]
 +    * Pending
 +  * Next call 25th of July
 +==== June 4th 2018, 3PM CEST Meeting ====
 +Attendees: Michele Paolino (Virtual Open Systems), Walt Miner, Jan-Simon Moeller (Linux Foundation),​ Artem Mygaiev (EPAM)
 +  * EG-VIRT Virtualization White paper
 +    * During the call, the AB comments have been discussed and addressed. A new version of the document is available.
 +    * Walt will send the PDF to the AB for the final validation
 +    * [[http://​​docs/​architecture/​en/​dev/​reference/​security/​part-3/​0_Abstract.html|Security blueprint request]]
 +      * To be scheduled after ALS
 +==== May 30th 2018, 3PM CEST Meeting ====
 +Attendees: Michele Paolino (Virtual Open Systems), Walt Miner (Linux Foundation),​ Tiejun Chen (VMWare), Artem Mygaiev (EPAM), Stephane Desneux (IoT.bhz), George Eldho John
 +  * EG-VIRT Virtualization Whitepaper
 +    * Walt will come back about the comment discussed during the last call: It should be solved but we need confirmation
 +    * two new comments arrived and have been discussed during the call: One related to the use of containers, the other about integration challenges. ​
 +      * Walt will follow up with comments authors to make sure our understanding of their comment is OK
 +    * An additional call to finalize the document is planned for Monday 4th of June, 3PM CEST
 +    * The communication between EE is one of the main concerns today. The interest for this part has been confirmed by the comments received from the AB
 +    * White-paper dissemination proposal: have printed versions to distribute at ALS
 ==== May 16th 2018, 3PM CEST Meeting ==== ==== May 16th 2018, 3PM CEST Meeting ====
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