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 +==== June 12, 2019 ====
 +Attendees: Walt, Thierry, Michael, Chris, Kusakabe
-==== May 1, 2019 ==== +   * Thierry still waiting for Naveen'​s patches that were discussed during the last call.  
-Attendees: //Upcoming Meeting// ​+   * Thierry needs a HH SDK that is stable and not a moving target. Will contact Jan-Simon to get the Halibut release folder created and the SDK populated.  
 +   * Soya-san has the new front end and is testing it with a number of new features and has a Microsemi Field Apps Engineer colleague in the Tokyo office to get some support with tuning the device. This will include features such as barge-in and better responsiveness. ​
 +==== May 29, 2019 ====
 +Attendees: Walt, Jan-Simon, Thierry, Naveen
 +   * Naveen has two patches to commit to the code to enable the open source agent on guppy. Thierry will integrate the patches then Jan-Simon can test on the green machine in Germany prior to ALS (preferably before end of June).
 +   * Email between Walt and Naveen
 +    - Plan to use Alexa demo during Automotive Linux Summit in July.  We are thinking we will reuse the CES demo and want to make sure we can do that **[Naveen]** Yes you can use that. This year we are mostly working on integrating our offline Alexa engine with Auto SDK. So, for next release of Auto SDK, which is tentatively planned for end of July, offline Alexa support will be added to AGL binding. This should add offline car control and local media capabilities to the Alexa binding and speech framework.
 +    - Plan for CES 2020.  Will Amazon be participating in CES 2020 and if so what are your ideas for that? **[Naveen]** Currently we don't have any plans for CES 2020. However, since we are updating the binding actively with every Auto SDK release, will be in a position to host the Alexa demo from Linux foundation perspective.
 +    - Plan for F2F meeting in September. I am planning a September F2F meeting and need to choose a location. If Amazon plans to participate in CES 2020 I assume you will want to participate like you did last year in Santa Clara. ​ The only proposals I have on the table so far are for meetings in Europe. I know you have travel restrictions so if you plan to participate I will search harder for a US site for the meeting. **[Naveen]** Yes. I do have travel restrictions. However since our CES 2020 plans are not clear, please don't anchor F2F meeting based on Amazon'​s availability.
 +==== May 15, 2019 ====
 +Attendees: Walt, Fulup, Thierry, Michael
 +Microphone arrays were distributed last week in Spain. Demo units and Amazon need to be exchanged still. ​
 +Thierry has been working on getting the Amazon Open Voice agent working. Should have a separate call with Naveen tomorrow. ​ Issues with authentication and we will probably need a proprietary binary blob from Amazon for the wake word detection. ​
 +==== May 1, 2019 ====
 +Meeting canceled due to holiday
 ==== April 17, 2019 ==== ==== April 17, 2019 ====
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