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 ===== Meetings ===== ===== Meetings =====
 +==== July 11, 2018 ====
 +LF: Walt, <​del>​Jan-Simon</​del>​\\
 +Voicebox: \\ 
 +Nuance: Christian, Paul Purcell, Mike C., <​del>​Vince</​del>​ \\
 +Amazon: <​del>​Premal,​ Ankur,</​del>​ Naveen\\
 +NTT Data MSE: Imamura \\
 +Denso Ten: <​del>​Kusakabe</​del>​ \\
 +Microchip: Michael, Christian \\ <​del>​Stephane</​del>,​ Fulup \\
 +Konsulko: Matt P., <​del>​Matt R</​del>​.\\
 +Nuance still discussing internally about releasing their API. Christian working with AGL App FW and working with writing an AGL Service layer in github (https://​​Nuance-Mobility/​agl-speech-interface)
 +   * Not wired up to a speech or TTS engine, more of a loop back test. 
 +   * Will send the link to Konsulko and to review the API for suggestions. ​
 +   * List of AGL services available can be seen at https://​​
 +   * Need to figure out consent and privacy issues with AGL Identity Agent. ​
 +   * How to manage grammar and natural language APIs and split between services and apps? 
 +   * How to integrate cloud speech applications?​
 +     * Example: "Find me the closest pizza place" is processed in the cloud and the location and name are returned to the ECU.  How is this then transmitted to the POI and/or navi app?
 +   * Sample config from softmixer https://​​iotbzh/​4a-softmixer/​blob/​master/​conf.d/​project/​lua.d/​smixer-test-simple.lua
 +   * Starting a demo project internally led by Paul. End of Aug early Sep they plan to have a design document together internally and will be ready with any questions/​issue. Would be a good idea to target the [[agl-distro:​sep2018-f2f|Sep F2F in Santa Clara]] to resolve issues with the design. ​
 +   * Information on IRC, mail list etc is available at [[start:​getting-started|Getting Started with AGL]]
 +   * Supported hardware can be found at [[agl-distro#​supported_hardware|AGL Distribution]]
 +Amazon looking at releasing a possible API in June and starting to work with the AGL App FW. 
 +   * Starting to look at AGL App FW binder implementation using audio HAL as a reference. Will work with on how to put the configuration together. ​
 +   * Would like to put together an architecture picture based on the white board drawings from February AMM to see how the API fits into AGL overall.  ​
 +Microchip - AGL USB microphone front-end. Michael is working with MicroSemi on getting hardware available that is already available for Amazon Alexa. Would like to have a prototype available for the AMM in Dresden. Microchip plans to provide the HAL for the microphone. ​
 +Action item:
 +   * Move the github repo into AGL git to foster collaboration
 ==== June 27, 2018 ==== ==== June 27, 2018 ====
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