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 +==== June 12, 2019 ====
 +Attendees: Walt, Thierry, Michael, Chris, Kusakabe
 +   * Thierry still waiting for Naveen'​s patches that were discussed during the last call. 
 +   * Thierry needs a HH SDK that is stable and not a moving target. Will contact Jan-Simon to get the Halibut release folder created and the SDK populated. ​
 +   * Soya-san has the new front end and is testing it with a number of new features and has a Microsemi Field Apps Engineer colleague in the Tokyo office to get some support with tuning the device. This will include features such as barge-in and better responsiveness. ​
 ==== May 29, 2019 ==== ==== May 29, 2019 ====
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