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 +Meeting Minutes\\
 +Date:​2019/​11/​25 15:00-15:30 JST\\
 +Attendee: Oki-san (Mazda),​Momiyama-san (AisinAW),​Miki-san (Micware),​Nishida-san (Micware),​Hiramatsu-san (Micware),​Fujiyoshi-san (Micware),​Wakazono (AGL Navi-EG Chairman, Micware)\\
 +1. Background\\
 +  * The previous system configuration plan that we explained in the previous meeting wasn't good for security.\\
 +  * So we reviewed the previous output and came up with an activities plan for this term.
 +  * The present Navi system configuration in Halibut version of the software have two problems.
 +    * a. No preparation for POI-APIService(Binding).
 +    * b. POI-Yelp and Ondemandavi don’t separate UI from Service.\\
 +  * We reconsidered an activities plan to solve these problems.
 +2. Activity plan of this term.\\
 +  * To develop the OSS-Navi POI Application Prototype.
 +  * We'll implement the following features based on the previous output.
 +    * a. Separate POI-UI from POI-Service.
 +    * b. Create POI-APIService(Binding).
 +  * The OSS-Navi POI Application prototype will be under a developmental plan until March 2020.
 +  * We have already agreed with SAT members about these contents.
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