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 +Meeting Minutes\\
 +Date:​2019/​8/​6 14:00-14:30 JST\\
 +Attendee: Abe-san(Toyota),​Oki-san (Mazda),​Momiyama-san (AisinAW),​Miki-san (Micware),​Nishida-san (Micware),​Wakazono (AGL Navi-EG Chairman, Micware)\\
 +1. Status of OSS-NAVI\\
 +  * TBT application made by TMC/​Hoshina-san has already completed source review and merge. \\
 +  * OSS-Navi made by AW/​Momiyama-san last year has already merged to the latest PF(Halibut).\\
 +  * It's necessary to prepare the Mapbox account to run the OSS Navi.\\
 +    * Need to confirm the operation (by Micware)\\
 +2. Discussion on Product-Navi.\\
 +  * Originally, we considered to exhibit the Product-Navi in CES2020, however this plan was denied by Micware'​s management because of budgetary issue.\\
 +  * Instead, we are considering to have the demo at ALS@Japan 2020.\\
 +  * And, we are considering the have one of following idea for the demo.\\
 +    * 1) Demonstrate the Product-Navi on the latest PF (And also some part of Binder functions are implemented).\\
 +    * 2) Demonstrate the OSS-Navi on the latest PF (And Binder function are extended from current).\\
 +    * 
 +  * We'll inform Walt-san and SAT-team of the plan after we decide it.
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