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 Meeting minutes Meeting minutes
-Date: 2019/​07/​16\\ +Date: 2019/​07/​16 ​13:00-14:00\\ 
-Attendee: ​ ​Wakazono/​Miki/​Nishida(Micware), Oki(Mazda), ​WaltMomiyama(AisinAW)\\+Attendee: ​Walt-san ​(AGL-SAT), Momiyama-san (AisinAW, Tel-conf), Oki-san (Mazda), ​Miki-san (Micware),Nishida-san ​(Micware),Wakazono (AGL Navi-EG Chairman, Micware)\\ 
 +Place: ANA InterContinental Hotel Tokyo Room Aurora\\
 +1. Explained Navi EG's plan to Walt-san. ​   (*See attached meeting material)\\
 +  * Some Q&A regarding the OSS-Navi and TBT.\\
 +  * Some requests to Navi-EG and Product-Navi from Walt-san.\\
 +    * To open the Navi-EG discussion/​activities to other community members.\\
 +    * To open the Product Navi-API.\\
 +    * It's necessary to review NAVI-API and its related source code by other AGL members before disclosing it.\\
 +2. Regarding the CES demo\\
 +  * Two options\\
 +   * Option A --- AGL CES demo (Green demo) with Product-Navi(Micware)\\
 +    * It is required ​ to complete the whole demo by Oct/​E.(Should confirm the schedule.) and other various restrictions.\\
 +   * Option B --- Product Navi(Micware)'​s own demo\\
 +    * It's ok to have Micware'​s own demo in the AGL CES booth.\\
 +    * No schedule limitation. It's OK to bring the demo set just before CES. (Micwares Own risk)\\
 +    * The cost of demo place for each company (Micware, etc) is about 800K Yen (= $7500)\\
 +3. Action Items\\
 +  * Decide Option A or Option B (by Micware)\\
 +  * Unordered List ItemInform the decision to Walt-wan\\
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