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 +Minutes of MTG
 +Date: 2018/​11/​16\\
 +Place: Micware Nagoya Office\\
 +Attendee: Momiyama/​Chen(AisinAW),​Miki/​Matsubara(Micware),​Hashida/​Miyamoto(TELENAV),​Oki(Mazda),​Koguchi(Hitachi)\\
 +Agenda: Navigation EG's next step
 +Current status\\
 +Focus on demostration development for CES2019.\\
 +Qt navigation runs at stand alone mode for route and voice guidance.\\
 +Communication with cluster is still under devepolment.\\
 +About next step\\
 +Hitachi will leave Navigation EG at the end of this month for their new business policy.\\
 +Aisin-aw are still concentrating on demostration development,​\\
 +but they will have little resource from the next year.(19'​3 at latest)\\ ​
 +Navigation EG is still important to the IVI,\\
 +so we need a new leader to keep running it.(TOYOTA)\\
 +Micware and Telenav will be the good candidate for it.\\
 +We can give some of our resource to help if necessary.(TOYOTA)\\
 +We will discuss about it(Micware/​Telenav)
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