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 +Minutes of Meeting
 +Date: 2018/​10/​10\\
 +Attendee: Momiyama/​Chen(AisinAW),​Miki/​Matsubara(Micware),​Hashida/​Miyamoto(TELENAV)\\
 +Agenda: Presentation for AMM @ Germany
 +Review of the presentation.\\
 +Re-confirm member introduction.\\
 +Since no change in navigation'​s architecture,​ so we'll just report the current status.\\
 +Background of replacing the current navigation APP.\\
 +Policy of replace.\\
 +Action items and their details.\\
 +1.mapbox porting\\
 +2.App development\\
 +3.Service API development\\
 +4.Linking the Surfaces\\
 +5.Cluster App
 +New task for device fusion layer, definition and implementation.\\
 +Option of using Signal Composer.
 +Q:Option of using Signal Composer is still under discussion and more review is needed on it.\\
 +A:Yes, we'll add some comment to it.
 +Q:For the case that mapbox binding delayed, we'd like to use mapbox WebAPI to implement turn-by-turn display function for cluster.\\
 +A:​That'​s great.
 +Q:How does the current navigation APP get the GPS info?\\
 +A:No, current one does not use GPS for demonstration.
 +Q:I was told the Mapbox'​s APIs will be chosen for Service API, does that mean we will abandon GENIVI'​s one?\\
 +A:For some reasons, we couldn'​t use Mapbox'​s APIs, so, we will still focus on GENIVI APIs.
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