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 +Minutes of meeting @ 2018/08/22
 +Date: 2018/​08/​22\\
 +Attendee: Momiyama/​Chen(AisinAW),​ Oki(Mazda), Hoshina(Toyota),​ Koguchi(Hitachi)\\
 +Agenda: Design review for Navigation APIs
 +About P3 of the Document, we will change async to sync for client library.\\
 +As binging is sync, we'd like to keep the policy.\\
 +Q:How about the other APPs?\\
 +A:​WindowManager is async. As afb provides only async, we need intergrate the sync mechanism into the client library.
 +Q:What about the APIs that take long time?\\
 +A:API calls will return soon and the result will be informed by event. I think windowmanager also takes this mechanism.
 +Q:If APIs lock up?\\
 +A:I have to say Client will also lock up.
 +Next week, we'd like to discuss the C++'s class design.\\
 +About P6, we are considering MAPBOX for the OSS Navi part.\\
 +We'd also like to invite MAPBOX into our EG if possible.
 +Q:Maybe its better to inform Linux Japan soon if we invite MAPBOX.\\
 +A:Yes, we also realize it.
 +Q:CES demo's display size. Is it wide-pattern?​\\
 +A:Yes, for Japan Team's demo, we use wide display. We have size info on Redmine.
 +Q:For meter display we may also need turn-by-turn info from navigation service.\\
 +Device API\\
 +OpenXC/ODB2 for data analyzation\\
 +Data needed for Product NAVI\\
 +is our next step.
 +Q:Will Device API be intergrated into navigation service? We have done this for windowmanager(CAN).\\
 +Q:Can we get all our need for navigation?​\\
 +A:Yes, low level CAN data will be converted to OpenXC, so you can request what you want.\\
 +Q:I think we need to list up all the CAN data we need.\\
 +A:Yes, we need to list up it and give our request to CAN side.
 +Q:Will APIs source be uploaded to github?\\
 +A:No, we will use gerrit and the repo has already been prepared.
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