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   * Explanation of survey results{{eg-navi:​navieg_0223.pdf}}   * Explanation of survey results{{eg-navi:​navieg_0223.pdf}}
 +**2.Map drawing architecture**
 +  * It is better to draw a map on Navicore side and composite with App.
 +  * Since the home screen does not support it, it makes a request from the navigation EG.
 +**3.GENIVI APIs**
 +  * GENIVI'​s API is low level API.
 +  * GENIVI API compares with the GPS-Navi API, but the abstraction level is lower than with GPS-Navi API.
 +**4.AGL Navi API 1.0**
 +  * AGL Navi API 1.0 will covers functions covered by gps-navi.
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